Light and crisp with fresh vibrant apple and pear flavors. 

A sweet sparkling white wine with bright notes of ripe Muscadine.

A sparkling white moscato with a nose of orange peel and a sweet finish. 

Cabernet Sauvignon
An easy drinking dry red wine with big fruit flavors from start to finish. 

Pinot Noir
A light bodied dry wine that pairs well with any meal.

Sassy Fox
This fruit bomb is a semi-sweet red wine with a big “foxy” nose.

Ivory J
Made with Chambourcin grapes, This dry red wine has a unique earthy bouquet and complex fruit flavors. 

Wine Cocktails
Made in house using our wine and local handmade syrups. Ask about the changing options. 

The Point Winery Wine List at Point Remove Brewing Company

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